The genocide of 1994 still has an enormous impact on daily life. In Rwanda we have .. orphans and widows. You can support them through the treasures of Rwanda products.


About us

Treasures of Rwanda, stands for touristic attractions , Rwandan products and Rwandan orphans - widows. Founder of this colourfull umbrella brand is Eric Irivuzumugabe, who has many years of experience in tourism, he is proud of the Rwandan products and as a survivor and founder of his ministries, dedicated to the orphans.

About Us


Eric Irivuzumugabe;

Having miraculously survived the Rwandan Genocide of 1994, Eric worked hard as a young boy to raise his surviving siblings, learning and teaching that “everything is possible” as he began to impact the lives of those around him. He was burdened in seeing genocide orphans struggling with life and losing hope, so in 2005, Eric organized a small group of orphans to share his experiences with and this event grew into a substantial ministry institution that grew and greatly impacted restoration within Rwanda.

Eric recently published his first and second book, My Father Maker of Trees: How i Survived the Rwandan Genocide, sharing his pain of loss and triumphs of survival in the Rwandan Genocide and his path towards forgiveness and reconciliation. Readers from around the world expressed how it had deeply impacted them.

 His second book titled “A new generation with a new legacy. (This book is still in the Kinyarwanda Language since our goal in writing this book was to help the Rwandan post genocide generation to live in peace having learned from our past). The purpose of this new book is to help Rwandan  parents on how to communicate with the post genocide in a positive way so that the new generation will not be affected negatively by the genocide consequences and also to teach how to prepare a better legacy (sustainable peace) for  the post genocide Rwanda. The other reason is so that the post genocide generation will to learn from our past and the genocide will never happen again.  

Now married with two young children of his own, Eric also carries this burden and passion to teach  the future generations of Rwandans the past in a healthy manner starting with his own family.


The impacts of genocide are felt not only by those who initially suffer through it, but genocide also leaves a destructive cycle for future generations if not properly understood and healed.

The immediate challenges stem from the loss of adult income earners, the destruction of infrastructure, land, cattle, property, and possessions and the overwhelming psychological trauma especially the youth are contending with.  In the midst of that trauma, children are struggling to provide food and shelter for their siblings, whom they are tasked with raising most of these young people have grown up and became/become parents as they have many challenges of lacking being raised by their own parents and therefore giving them a good future may challenge them in raising their children.

Humura Ministries Rwanda Structure:

Humara Ministries Rwanda currently has 70 volunteers for teaching entrepreneurship and 50 for counseling. The Board of Directors includes: Vestine Murekatete, Executive Vice President;  Clarisse Ingabire, Executive Secretary / Director of Business & Financial Education; Desire Kayibanda, Director of Business Education; Emmanuel Kwizera, Director of Operations & Entrepreneurship; Gerebert Haston, Director of Finance & Entrepreneurship; Beatrice Kayirangwa, Director of Family Healing; Egide Mugabo, Director of Youth Healing; Adelphine Mukatetero, Director of Healing; Marie Goretti Cyangwene, Director of Family Healing;  Rebecca Busingi, Director of Family Healing.

Join us. Become a partner in exploring ways to overcome the past and creating a better future. For more information, contact us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank You For Supporting Rwandas Future.