HUMURA MINISTRIES RWANDA for Orphans and Widows founded by Eric IRIVUZUMUGABE.





                                                                          Orphan’s ministry in Rwanda

The 1994 Genocide left many orphans in Rwanda and some of them decided to raise-up and give support to others and through that help they planted/formed a ministry for the orphans and widows as well as the vulnerable people in general. 

The ministry was named as Humura ministries which is a non-profit organization based in Rwanda founded in 2005 by Eric Irivuzumugabe.  This was during the time when Eric was busy putting together what was left for him and his siblings that survived the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, he felt concerned and opened his heart to many other children that survived Genocide and that were facing the same situation like his. As young as he was, he was already parenting his siblings and so did other children that survived and to some of them they were under the age. With that in mind he founded Humura Ministries which is today, Humura Ministries International, to help and reach many children and the youth in Rwanda and very soon the rest of the world.


                                                              Humura Ministries International’s Mission

To fight against trauma because of genocide through listening, talking and organizing trauma healing and transformation trainings

To support unity and reconciliation among the youth. Through talking about what happened, the history of Genocide and its outcome to the nation.

To fight drugs and unemployment among the youth through entrepreneurship training and making presentations on the outcome of using drugs to the Rwandan community.

To help the youth get involved in the development of the Country.

Our target group is Orphans, widows and vulnerable people.

The founder of Humura Ministries International is also an author known for his first book “My Father Maker of The trees- How I survived The Rwandan Genocide”.The aim of writing this book was to honor his beloved family that were killed in 1994 genocide against the Tutsi and also sharing his story of how he survived so as to keep memories for the future generations. From 2009 up to Day As he was traveling around the world sharing his story in USA, Europe and Africa he realized how people were being blessed and inspired by this book, living in peace with their neighbors, advocating for peace worldwide and how it also helped people to know the reality of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi. 

Eric is also an entrepreneur as he wants to live as an example of living in better conditions. He owns a tourism company- Embrace Rwanda Tours.


                                                   Humura ministries International - Activities

We help orphans and widows to live in better conditions by providing their needs.

 We train the youth about how to manage trauma because of Genocide and other traumatic experiences.

We provide entrepreneurship training and coaching to different people, especially the youth to be independent financially.

We fight drug abuse among the youth through conferences and seminars so that they can take responsibility to change their lives in a positive way.

We promote sustainable peace though peace education among the youth so that Genocide will never happen again

We collect stories and testimonies through writing books and to share among the Rwandan society and worldwide to learn from our experience so that genocide will never happen again anywhere in the whole world.

These are but a few among many more different activities that we do.