Eric Biography


Eric Irivuzumugabe (born in 1977) is a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi people. He is  the president of HUMURA MINISTRIES RWANDA for Orphans and Widows founded by Eric IRIVUZUMUGABE. , an organization which was founded in 2005 to help orphans of the Rwandan Genocide heal and rebuild their lives. Humura Ministries is largely influenced by Eric’s own Genocide experience that left him to independently care for his own siblings while dealing with tremendous grief and loss.

In 2009, Eric authored his first book, My Father Make of Trees: How I Survived the Rwandan Genocide in which he shares his painful loss, the triumphs of surivival throughout the Rwandan Genocide, and his path towards forgiveness and reconciliation.

In 2010 Eric started Embrace Rwanda Tours , a tourism company that desires to teach visitors /tourists about Rwanda’s Genocide history, and its entreprenuerial development through the spirit of solidarity and forgiveness. Eric’s tourism company provides the financial sustainability for his ministries as they continue to grow.  


In 2012, Eric co-founded an entrepreneurship school called The Focus Business School Rwanda with the goal of teaching and training young Rwandans  to become financially independent entrepreneurs. Currently, this school is a branch of his ministry and has impacted many lives.


In 2015, Eric created The Internatonal Peace Village Center as a program for building sustainable peace around the world using personal narratives, and lessons learned from the Rwandan peace and reconciliation process. In 2017 Eric published his second book written in the Kinyarwanda language Rwanda Urubyaro rushya: ibyiringiro bya nyuma ya 1994 (Rwanda a new generation: hope after 1994) and this book will be transated in English soon.

Eric is an international speaker promoting the Rwandan peace process of healing through truth and reconciliation. Embracing the mindset of living with hope, Eric is now married with his own two children.


Eric invites you to become a partner in exploring ways to overcome the past and creating a better future. For more information about potential collaboration, you can contact Eric at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.